Olg Homework

Now that the holy season of Lent is underway, Fr. Tom has provided all in the school and parish with multiple opportunities for coming together in community to pray. There are prayer books in the pews at church for all families to take. We are focused in school on praying daily for all people in the world. Let us make a difference by sharing our faith through kind acts and generous giving to those less fortunate. To that end we are actively involved in supporting the ministry to the homeless in Castro Valley thanks to the leadership of Sean Nalty and Ken White, parishioners. We are following the lead of our Bishop in "Lighting the Way."

Он присел на край койки.  - Теперь, мистер Клушар, позвольте спросить, почему такой человек, как вы, оказался в таком месте. В Севилье есть больницы получше.

- Этот полицейский… - Клушар рассердился.  - Он уронил меня с мотоцикла, бросил на улице, залитого кровью, как зарезанную свинью.

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