Cause And Effect Essay Questions

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    Sumnerswett--I teach MLA format because that is used by most American colleges in their English departments. However, you are very right to point out that APA and Chicago and other formats are used in different types of courses. I think considering cause and effect is sometimes a bit confusing because it depends on where you view the start of the situation. Often a cause creates an effect, which causes another situation. Sometimes it is hard to pull them apart. That is why I usually like to call this a "speculating about causes" essay, because we can't always definitively determine the absolute cause, but we can always speculate and argue for the most important causes, or the most important effects that we see in a situation.

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  • Content of this article

    1. Right topic choice
    2. Download all topics in
    3. Purposes of cause and effect essay
    4. Samples

    Choosing the Right Cause and Effect Topic

    The first rule of thumb is, the student should always choose a topic they are familiar with. Choosing a topic, they are familiar with means the student does not have a learning curve to work with. This is to mean the student already has some information on the topic and as such, are not likely to go out of topic on the same. At the same time, they are likely to bring some element of intrigue to their cause and effect essay. The ability to create an interesting cause and effect essay is crucial, given that much of the information is rather factual. It is important the top choice does not hamper the ability of the student to create an interesting piece. Presenting blunt facts is likely to render the readers bored before they complete the paper.

    List of topics for cause and effect essays writing

    1The impacts of alcoholism on marriage
    2The impacts of using drugs on education quality
    3How drinking affects the ability of the driver to concentrate on the road
    4The impact of technology on the health care delivery systems
    5How domestic violence affects the children
    6How inflation has impacted the poor rural communities
    7The impacts of globalization on employment
    8The positive and negative impacts of technology on communication
    9The impacts of prolonged use computers to the health of the brain
    10Music effects on the human body
    11Impacts of fast foods on the health of school going children
    12Causes of inequality in the American society
    13Popularity of the American football at the college level
    14Impacts of sports in the society with reference to peace promotion
    15Effects of bullying in schools
    16How stress affects the level of brain productivity
    17How fast foods lead to cancer
    18Impacts of taking drugs on the human health
    19Impact using smoking marijuana on the health of the lungs
    20Impacts of using marijuana for cancer management
    21Impacts of alcohol on the nervous system
    22Effects of using social media on the younger generation
    23How the war in the middle east affects American citizens
    24How war in Syria affects the children under five years of Syrian origin
    25Cause of divorce
    26Impacts of divorce on the children
    27Impacts of domestic violence on female children
    28Causes of racism in Europe
    29Impacts on tsunamis on the local economy
    30Impacts of the credit culture in the American society
    31impacts of terrorism on tourism in the united states
    32Causes terrorism in the Middle East
    33What makes a person good or bad in the society
    34What were the causes of the second world war
    35What were the causes of the first world war
    36What were the impacts of the second world war
    37What were the impacts of the first world war
    38What were the causes of the wars in the middle east
    39How does the government influence economic growth in the country
    40What are impacts of taking too much water to the human body
    41What are impacts of watching too much television as a child
    42What are the impacts of playing violent video games on children under the age of 15
    43What are impacts of listen to vulgar music on school going children
    44What are impacts of driving under the influence of marijuana
    45What are impacts of extreme cold on the body
    46What are impacts of hydrocarbons on the environment
    47What are the impacts of global warming on the productivity level in agriculture
    48What are impacts of deforestation on the local climate
    49What are impacts of spilling oil at sea
    50What are impacts of social networks on actual relationships
    51What are the impacts of online dating
    52Impacts of pornography
    53Effects of home schooling on children
    54Influence of Uber on the taxi industry
    55Impacts of online marketing
    56Impacts of inline shopping
    57Impacts of happy relationships on people
    58Impacts of violent relationships on people
    59Impacts of reading on the brain
    60Impacts of taking alcohol on the brain
    61Influences of taking prescription drugs on the body
    62Impacts of organic food on the human health
    63Impacts exposure to bright light on prisoners
    64Impacts of loud noises on prisoners
    65Impacts of the juvenile system in children
    66Impacts of police brutality on community cohesion
    67Influence of drug wars on the local families
    68Impacts of genetic engineering on food production
    69Impacts of genetic engineering human health
    70Influences of genetic engineering on pest resistance
    71Impacts of globalization on immigration
    72Impacts of dishonesty in relationships
    73Influences of trust in marriage
    74Influences of poverty on the global economy
    75Impacts of diseases burden on the economy
    76How earthquakes cause tsunamis
    77Impacts of earthquakes
    78Influence of the internet on children
    79Impacts of the civil rights on equality
    80Influences of growing up in poverty
    81Impacts of growing up in single parent family
    82Influence of taking part in sports
    83Effects of pollution on human health
    84Changes in climate
    85Effect of feminist movement on women rights
    86Causes of people getting into destructive relationships
    87Causes of rebellious children
    88Impacts of radiation on the skin
    89Causes of growing single parent families
    90Impacts of dating married men
    91Causes of men being afraid of commitment
    92Impacts of abortion on a relationship
    93Causes of sibling rivalry
    94How education impacts relationships health
    95Effects of being a twin
    96Causes of tight family relations
    97Causes sexual relationships between sisters and brothers
    98Causes of homelessness
    99Impacts of Syrian immigration
    100Impacts poor water quality
    101Causes of the rise obese children in the society

    Download section

    Need more topics? Look here

    Purposes of a cause and effect essay

    Cause and effect essays are some of the most common pieces, students will be required to write. This are essays that help the students to develop their analytical skills, at the same time, the cause and effect essays help the students to form connections between the different aspects they will find in nature. By definition this is an essay where the student will be required to write about how things happen and results that come up after the initial action has taken place. This means the student has to organize their ideas based on what happens when a set of conditions are right and when an initial action takes place. They then have to connect the initial action, sets actions or conditions to the results come at the end.

    For example, a student will be required to answer a prompt requiring them explain what exactly happens to a child’s health that starts smoking cigarettes. This is a crucial element, when it comes to analysis, as the student will have to connect the act of smoking to the health impacts the bad habit will have on the health of the sad child.

    Other than making logical connections between information about a cause and the resultant effect, this type of essay also helps the student to make logical conclusions. Making logical conclusions is highly associated with high analytical skills on the part of the student. They are supposed to make the connections, and from the interrelation of the information, make a conclusion. The other aspect associated with cause and effect essays and why they are common in class, is to develop the ability of the student to present information to the readers in a coherent manner. It is one thing to have comprehension skills and another to present the ideas learnt to an audience and a professional tone without bias.

    Samples of cause and effect essay writing

    First sample

    Second sample

    Third sample

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