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Personal Statement

I am an innovator, an artist, and an individual. I am an athlete, and I have a dream.

Picture it: The gym lights overhead bare down on your back, leaving your face a silhouette. Beads of sweat creep down your forehead and fall to the ground below. Breaths turn to gasps as nerves bubble inside of you like sparkling cider. Your uniform feels like a second layer of skin, sticky and wet, yet you find yourself unable to care. The whistle sounds somewhere from the sidelines. Bracing yourself, you stare ahead, through the net, and at the players on the other side. It all happens in slow motion. The sound of a hand making contact with a ball echoes across the gymnasium, and you stiffen. Everything you've worked for comes down to this, everything you've aspired to be since you were but a 7th grader has become a reality. You blink. I'm ready.

I started playing volleyball in 7th grade, and I am now a 10th grader. Over the past couple of years, I have learned and grown as a scholar athlete. This sport is not just a hobby to me, but a passion that I want to pursue through high school and into college. My strengths include having a loud voice on the court, being a team player, and being able to play any position in the front row (flexibility). I am training in both outside hitter and middle blocker, but I am mostly a middle right now. If there is one thing you can expect from me, it is 110% effort. I have always believed that it's either all or nothing, and I don't accept anything less.

Not only am I strong in my athletics, but in my grades, too. I plan to achieve a high GPA throughout the whole of high school to keep my options open, and to allow more opportunities to pop up. My goal is to play on a highly competitive team with equally competitive girls all playing at a college level or higher.



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Test Scores

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High School Information

High School:
London High School
(740) 852-5705

Academic Accomplishments

Honors Classes:
Yes. English 9, English 10, Honors Common Core Math 1 and 2, Algebra 2, Biology, World History, and US History
AP Classes:
Yes. AP Government, AP US History, AP Chemistry, College Composition, College Algebra, College Statistics, College Trig/Precalc, and Psychology 1111.
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Awards, Achievements and Activities

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