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Gay and homosexual

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First Reflection Paper-thomas First Reflection Paper Gay and Homosexual Culture by far plays an important role on how people perceive and react to different things/issues, so I feel it is only fair to point out some obstacles that educational leadership may face in their attempt to embrace these multi- cultural diversities issues. To change peoples' perceptions we need committed individuals to continue to fight and to educate the mases and educational leader- ship to make policy decisions addressing the need of the multicultural diversities in the education system. Palauan societies put so much emphasis on interrelationships between a large number of relatives and their extended families. For instance, a clan may consist of more than 100 families and in many cases the clans are also interrelated. Gays and homosexuals are an unspoken terms in any Palauan society for the fact that it brings disgrace to not only the families but all the extended families an d the clans. There is so much responsibility for ones actions which is why gays and homosexuals was never out in the open until just recently when individual families began accepting members of their families belonging to these group/ culture. It is sad to note that the perceptions of the majority of Palauans still see this group/culture as a disgrace and should be kept behind closed doors. Finally, it is important to note and to recognize how people perceive gays and homosexuals without the bind to culture. Palauan refers to gays and homosexuals as "Mengol Otaor", a word that is derogatory which sends a strong message of social rejection. This is a challenge to the educational leadership to overcome when addressing the needs of gays and homosexuals and to embrace this minority group/culture. In the history of Palau, there has never been any gay or homosexual movement or awareness activities and yet their number is enough to take notice. Across the United States, gays and homosexuals are battling to be recognized and accepted into various social and cultural groups around many school campuses and other social structure in their communities. They endure hardships and for some the price to pay are both physical and emotional. In term of legal issues concerning this minority group/culture, many campuses are better equipped to address legal matters concerning gays and homosexuals, but despite the number of legislations to protect the rights of gays and homosexuals, discrimination remans a fact of life. Other states have legalized the same sex marriage and even the most traditional fraternity Page 1

Legalizing Gay Marriage


This paper seeks to express an opinion about making gay marriage legal. Ordinarily, I would not wish to put gay marriage in a state of prohibition. There are diverse arguments about allowing same-sex marriage. This idea of same-sex marriage has a call to expand existing human rights which in one way has been a better way of living. Same-sex marriage comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

One great demerit is the fact that gay couples can’t procreate. The biological need of one for one union with a different gender for procreation is hindered. However, healthy marriages may turn to be childless, which is the equivalent of same-sex unions. It is evident that same-sex marriage, for instance, gay couples and lesbians, always seek outside help to get pregnant.

Parenting wisdom involves a shared responsibility. This calls for both a mom and dad. There are too many developmental differences in children raised by same sex parents and these by different-sex parents. Focusing on self-esteem, behavior and academic performance, children of straight parents are way better. The highest standards for parenting are to have a loving male-female couple. Strong probability demonstrates that male-female parental pairings stand to give best children.

With same-sex marriage, then polygamy is intuitively allowed. As much responsibilities and privileges will still hold for the same sex couples, for procreation purposes, a third party must be involved. This in itself is polygamy. Polygamy is so traditional and backward. The male-female ratio in the contemporary world may just be self-sufficient. So the call of marriage is not advisable.

Legalizing same sex marriage is immoral. I cannot bless gay marriage because it hurts others. For my religious believe, sodomy is immoral. If gay marriage is anything to go by, then one party ought to act as a female while the other a male. Although there may be other various forms of same-gender sexual conduct, consenting adults get immoral in none or the other.

The general communal respect that decays day by day towards same-sex couples makes me not to support legalizing gay marriage. The gay couples have been marginalized way too much. They cannot take comfort with members of their families. To integrate this person in the society is a hard task to accomplish. In essence, respect towards one another will decay if gay marriage is legalized.


In summary, I consider legalizing gay marriage a stain to our culture. Anyway choosing to go the gay way should know that such concession comes with a cost. I take no apology for expressing my view with much vehemence and showing little patience with the idea of legalizing gay marriage.

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