Social 20-1 Essay

Welcome to Social 20, IB style.  What this means is that rather than study Social Studies per se you will be studying history, specifically European history from roughly the beginning of the eighteenth century to the end of World War I.  We will be covering the events and trends of this period in detail so we will have to move quickly.  In studying this period, The IB program seeks for you to accomplish the following objectives:
  • Comprehend, analyze, evaluate, and integrate source material critically as historical evidence
  • Demonstrate historical understanding of European history through the acquisition, selection, effective use and synthesis of knowledge
  • Explain different approaches to and interpretations of historical events and topics
  • Place events in their historical context
  • Explain the causes and effects of historical continuity and change
  • Present arguments that are clear, coherent, relevant, and well substantiated
  • Present historical explanations from and international perspective
  • Plan, organize, and present an individual historical investigation.

  • French Revolution and Napoleon
  • 19th Century Nationalism & Imperialism
  • The First World War
  • Modern Nationalism

Each of these units will consist of lectures, assignments, projects (both group and individual), and examinations.  All examinations will take the form of in-class essays.  Along with this unit work, you will be responsible for submitting a substantial paper (Internal Assessment) on a historical topic of your choice.  This Internal Assessment will take the place of a final exam.


Course Mark

Units                                            70%
Internal Assessment                      30%

Unit Mark (each unit)

1 Exam                   50%
1 Essay                  30%
Assignments           20%

Unit Exams:

Each unit exam will consist of an in-class essay, which you will be given 60 minutes to complete.

You will have at least 7 days notice before any exam.

Approximately 3 days prior to the exam you will be given a Thematic Study Sheet.  This sheet will consist of 4 or 5 main themes covered in the unit.  The exam will consist of questions, each based on one of these themes.  You will choose ONE of these questions and write your essay on it.

The marking criteria for exams are attached.

Unit Essays:

The essays will be 800-1000 words and are due on the attached dates.

You may choose from any of the attached topics for that unit.

Research for each essay can be limited to the textbook, internet, school library and, if you wish, the Red Deer Public Library.

A 400-500 word draft of the essay is due on the Monday before the final draft is due. you will receive feedback on this draft from a fellow class member.


There will be a variety of assignments for each unit ranging from maps, questions, vocabulary, document assignments, etc.

You must complete all of the assignments for a unit.



Palmer, R. R., Joel Colton, and Lloyd Kramer, A History of the Modern World. 10th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2006.

Please have the text ready for each class.  Because it is a bit of a mammoth tome, there will be space in the classroom to leave your text.

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