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What is facebook essay? Facebook is the most popular social networking of all time. The popularity of Facebook has increased drastically. Within 6 years Facebook has reached 1+ billion users milestone. Nowadays Facebook has become very important part of our life. It is helping us in many ways and also harming us in other ways. In this Article I will give you a very long list of advantages and disadvantages

of Facebook.</p> <h3>Advantages of Using Facebook</h3> <p>Facebook is free and it&#8217;s one of the best medium for communication. # With the help of Facebook you can connect to different people from anywhere in the world because almost every people around the world use Facebook . This gives us the opportunity to know more about their custom and tradition,culture, religion etc. Facebook is best for finding Old friends. When a friend goes away to any other place, we often don&#8217;t get the chance to communicate with him or her. But now Facebook gives us the opportunity to communicate with our Old friend very easily without any cost. # We can share our feelings an what&#8217;s happening around in our daily life through Facebook. We can also get feedback from our friends about their reaction toward your feelings.</p> <p>It is the best medium to share your feelings and thoughts with others. Facebook has good privacy setting which gives you the option to customize according to your wish. You can use Facebook groups to connect all your close friends together. You can also maintain the privacy of the group by putting the setting into private. It also has new features like group chatting, notification, file sharing etc. These features would help the members of the group to stay connected. # You can chat with friends by Facebook chat box.</p> <p>Students can use Facebook for group study by creating a group only for studying. There you can share any information about your projects , home work , assignments , exams , due date etc  Facebook plays a very important role in getting latest valuable information. You can gather information from your friends post, Fan page updates , We can also use Facebook as social bookmarking site. We can share our article, blogs , photo&#8217;s etc to thousands of people.</p> <h3>Disadvantages of Facebook</h3> <p>Facebook is too too addicting! Yes it is indeed addicting which often kills your valuable time. Using Facebook for your need is fine but when you waste most of your valuable time then it is not good. The biggest disadvantages of Facebook is it&#8217;s addiction which causes many problems by killing your precious time. # Facebook often brings bad effects on students results. Badly Facebook addicted students do not get good marks in their exams unless they are too smart.</p> <blockquote><p>Even though I have a Facebook, I do believe that it is a waste of time. It can be a great way to stay connected to friends, but the majority of what people do and the things they post don&#8217;t really matter. There are a ton of games that have people sitting at the computer for hours, people are chatting with their friends, or &#8220;creeping&#8221; on others&#8217; pictures, posts, and friends. It keeps us from staying connected outside of the computer. There are way better things people could be doing or at the very least people could have real human contact. Facebook isn&#8217;t the only thing keeping us attached to technology though, I can admit that. It is a main site that people stay on for long periods of time, essentially wasting time. -Betty White was right when she said Facebook is “a big waste of time.&#8221; More often than not, Facebook serves as an inconvenient distraction to me. How I end up on Facebook for nearly an hour when I intended to finish typing my homework, is a question that I have yet to figure out. I have often considered deleting my Facebook, but there is always something that lures me back in. Although Facebook helps people keep in contact with friends and family, I think it leads other forms of communication to be less desirable and unnecessary. For example, your sister might come over with exciting news to share with you; however, you already read a status she posted that stated the exact same news. The excitement that coincides with her sharing the information with you personally is all but lost. Also, hearing your sister’s news more than once was in a way, a waste of time. I realize that Facebook often wastes time in more than one way, but it can be beneficial as well, when used in moderation. As I age, I am assured that I will gradually become more aware of thhe important ways to spend my time rather than keeping up with Facebook. -Even though i have had facebook for a couple years, I feel that it is indeed a waste of time</p></blockquote> <h3>The Disadvantages Of Facebook Essay</h3> <p>Below is a free essay on &#8220;The Disadvantages Of Facebooking&#8221; from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Facebook is the fastest growing social networking websites. On the Internet where we can interact with friends, get a chance to know new people, find some information, browse interesting things and others. Here are some disadvantages of facebooking, there are wasting time, facebook addiction and privacy consideration. Most people find after becoming a Facebook’s member that interaction tends to become wasting time. It is important to set the time limit for themselves or they may find that it is highly likely to lose valuable time, there may be other places more efficient. The wasting time aspect of Facebook does not have to be a problem as long as they do not let it and stay in control.</p> <p>Some people become immersed in the Facebook culture they become addicted. Spending too much time on a single website with nothing else to show at the end of the day may be a huge disadvantage. For those who all day log-in to check out what&#8217;s happening in their circle of Facebook friends, this may become problematic. Spending too much time on the website and self-imposed time limits are not set. It&#8217;s important to recognize the addiction signs so a Facebook membership does not become a problem. Any time they open any sort of online account, they give up a degree of privacy. This may cause to expose a lot of personal information on the web for all to see. Facebook does offer tools to help them to mitigate this and control their user experience. However, it is important to realize that nothing is foolproof and by joining Facebook they will lose a level of privacy. As a result, There are many advantages and also disadvantages of Facebooking. Their life will become a waste of time and avoid them from doing more enjoyable activities.</p>

With the advent of internet, we’re introduced to a variety of social networking sites like Facebook. The big canvases of communication individually attract and influence us. We feel awesome connecting and communicating with close and distant friends. Earlier, we counted on our friends. Now, we’re busy counting friends on Facebook. However, it’s time to realize the notions of reality and artificiality. We miss our longstanding habit of communication like trunk calls, hand-written letters, telegram or even a humble post-card. Social networking’s become stagnant nowadays. One’s getting bored and feels that it’s a complete wastage of time. It is like playing charade instead of talking. Here are our top 10 reasons why social networking is a waste of time.

10. Too big to manage:

Every Tom, Dick or Harry can’t be your friend. Your friend, your friend’s friend, their friends’ friends and so on; you’re caught in a web. At times, it becomes irritating; it’s an ersatz, meaningless bunch. There is no reason why we should needlessly go on adding friends on Facebook when we cannot even speak with them on phone about anything under the sun.

9. Privacy intruder:

There is greater risk of loss of privacy when you are an extensive user of social networking sites. These sites store all your personal data. Whenever a user writes a post, shares a photo or likes any page, he/she is prompting the data to everyone listed in his/her network and to several agencies that aren’t. These agencies include advertisers, market analysts, social researchers, security agencies and hackers. This information can then be shared with spamming firms.

8. Fake identity:

Most of the people networking on these sites don’t want to reveal their true self but they love to brag. They fake their identity while making a profile, or they simply tell lies while chatting. After knowing the reality, sensitive souls are might get hurt. More importantly many people have fallen victim to cyber crimes.

7. Awkward situation:

At times, you share some photos or videos which you later think were not appropriate. But the damage is already done and you can’t do anything about it. There are several contacts in the list – your colleagues, friends, family, etc. Your image might be perceived differently by each of your friends on social networking sites. If they see you as a sensible human being, they may be shocked to see an image showing your wild side.

6. Everything is public/negative publicity:

While we’re busy networking, we fail to notice that whatever we share or post, everything goes public. Things go viral on net and sometimes they are blown out of proportion. We have to do our image-makeover later, but that’s almost impossible. Social networking sites advertise themselves magnificently; as if they are a paradise for any small or big business, to build more professional contacts. There’s absolutely no truth in it. Those, who make an effort to accomplish their business goals purely through social networking, are actually fooling themselves. Now, people are becoming more aware and don’t believe in everything the social network has to say.

5. Lack of anonymity:

You practically put across all your vital information, like your name, location, age, gender, relationship status and the likes, on social networking sites. Most of us would control our behavior, even when we’re acting impulsively but after a while, we’re back being ourselves. People are interested in you till they discover the real you, otherwise they keep themselves busy in exploring your personality. At times, we want to keep our identity intact, which’s not possible when we’re under public scrutiny.

4. Bullying and Scam:

Instances of online bullying have become prevalent these days. These sites are harmful especially for teenagers. There are onlookers who keep a tab on their behavioral pattern and innocent teenagers fall prey to them. There are incidents of emotional blackmail, cyber-stalking or demands for ransom. Apart from this, there can be a potential hazard in terms of security, too. Although many sites add special security features to keep a check on several cases of harassment, online scams and identity theft, there are chances of getting trapped into one of the many frauds.

3. Effects on work, study and health:

If the social networking bug has bitten you, these three dimensions of your life will definitely be adversely affected. Face-to-face conversations in real time are replaced by these well-prepared and easier screen dialogues. Kids suffer from physical as-well-as mental health disorder. Young brains are exposed to these fast-paced keys; buzzing noises or bright lights and they have to suffer from chronic depression and loneliness, their studies may also get hampered.

2. Infidelity:

In today’s fast-paced world, people experience more freedom than their fathers. Freedom is extremely essential, but there are people who often exploit it. Social networking sites provide a good platform to people who seek ‘something new’ outside of their personal lives. Such sites have contributed to divorces resulting from infidelity of one or both partners.

1. Time consuming:

If social networking isn’t your top-interest, then you’re just wasting your precious time logging in to such sites. Social networking is supposed to be fun. Many do not realize when they have become addicted to social networking. Social networking should not become a hurdle in your student, professional or personal life. It’s better to keep your defenses up against the infantilizing effects of technology, lest we start behaving like bonded laborers.

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