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Adding your thesis or dissertation to MIT's DSpace thesis collection is a great way to preserve the record of your scholarship at MIT. Theses in DSpace are visible to anyone in the world, and will be preserved digitally for long term use and access.

Adding your thesis only takes a few minutes, and preserves color content, text searchability, and embedded links within your thesis.

Theses that are not submitted to the libraries in PDF format will be scanned in black and white mode, grayscale, or color from the paper copy.

Information about your thesis will be indexed by search engines like Google after your thesis is loaded into DSpace. All theses in DSpace can be accessed via a persistent URL (also called a handle) which will not change.

Important Submission Notes:

  • Your thesis must be rendered into a single PDF file for submission.
  • The PDF file that you submit must be an exact duplicate of the paper thesis submitted to your department.
  • The PDF file may not contain encryption or other access limitations.
  • The PDF file may not exceed 200mb. For easier access by other researchers, try to keep the size of your PDF file below 30 mb. Most software programs that generate PDF files have options available to compress the file without adversely affecting quality.
  • You don't have to include signatures on your title page. Signatures on the title page will be masked out to protect the privacy of thesis authors and advisors.
  • If you accidentally upload the wrong file, go through the upload process again and choose the correct file.  We will use the most recent submission. 
  • Theses will not be added to DSpace until after degrees have been awarded and the thesis has been fully processed and cataloged by the MIT Libraries, which will be 3-6 months after the degree date.
  • Paper copies of your thesis are still required and should be submitted to your academic department as usual. See Thesis Specifications for more information.

Proceed to eThesis Upload Service

Please contact etheses-admin@mit.edu for further assistance.

This collection of MIT Theses in DSpace contains selected theses and dissertations from all MIT departments. Please note that this is NOT a complete collection of MIT theses. To search all MIT theses, use Barton, MIT Libraries' catalog.

MIT's DSpace contains more than 40,000 theses completed at MIT dating as far back as the mid 1800's. Theses in this collection have been scanned by Document Services or submitted in electronic format by thesis authors. Since 2004 all new Masters and Ph.D. theses will be scanned and will be added to this collection after degrees are awarded.

If you have questions about MIT theses in DSpace, contact Document Services. See also Access & Availability Questions or About MIT Theses in DSpace.

If you are a recent MIT graduate and would like to add your thesis to the theses in DSpace, see Add Your Thesis to MIT's DSpace for instructions. All theses scanned by the MIT Libraries are scanned in black and white mode. Color content, active links, and searchable text will only be preserved in the online version of your thesis if you have given an electronic copy (PDF) to the MIT Libraries.

M.I.T. theses are protected by copyright. They may be viewed from this source for any purpose, but reproduction or distribution in any format is prohibited without written permission. To ask for permission, please contact:

Peter Bebergal
Associate Officer
Use of Name and Trademark
MIT Technology Licensing Office, Room NE25-230
Five Cambridge Center, Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA 02142 USA
Phone: (617) 258-8344; Fax: (617) 258-6790
E-mail: bebergal[at]mit.edu

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