Dance Definition Essay Examples

What Is The Value Of Dance As Art?

If you ask any dancer if dance is an art, they will tell you yes but they will also tell you that it is a sport. This is because most dances train for hours a week to perfect their moves. Dance is a visual art that can be seen in the moves that the dancers make and how they execute a dance. When a dance performs they are telling you a story, with the music and moves they can bring the words of that story to life. There are all kinds of places that are embracing dance as art.

One photographer Kevin Richardson from New York has started a project to showcase this art. The project is called Dance As Art and he cast dancers for photo shoots all over New York City. New York is the place to be if you are a dance and Richardson wanted to showcase how beautiful the dancers are through photographs. These photographs can be found on his website. Each photo shows the elegance of the dancers poses and it also showcases the flexibility that a dance must achieve for some of these moves.

Dance is also considered an art when it comes to performing that is why theatres like to showcase dancers on their stages. It is the dance that is the art and many people enjoy watching these dances perform. Dance is an art but it’s value is underestimated because it is a form of entertainment. Any person that has ever been to a gallery to see a person’s art can tell you that dance is just as mesmerizing. There is a lot of value in watching them but the dancers also value it as art. Art is a way a person expresses themselves and dancer use dance to do that.

If you don’t think dance is an art, then let me see you put your extended leg up to your ear or just and do a perfect split in the air and land graceful. Dance is an art form that we enjoy to watch and the dancers enjoy doing it. The way that the dancers move is why it is an art form and like all forms of art, dance makes you feel something when you watch it. Next time you go to see someone or a group dance, think about the story they are tell and how their moves tell that story.


Contemporary Dance

There are many established dance styles that have been popular around the world for centuries and often they adhere to rigid rules about musical accompaniment as well as movement and choreography. Contemporary styles are different however, in that it does not adhere to any one set of established rules and structure, its focus is on expression and movement, regardless of the origin.


Drawing aspects from various forms and music for its creation, contemporary dancing utilizes both the strong foot work of ballet along with many upper body movements and various bits from just about any culture, such as African and Chinese styles. It also tends to stray away from the classically accepted methods of choreographing that involve predictable rhythm and a climax- anticlimax structure.


Merce Cunningham was one of the first to develop a different approach to ideas concerning choreography. His peers noticed that he was no longer structuring his routines in a linear manner, possibly surprising and alarming some audiences. Comparing his work to that of abstract paintings, he explained that every gesture, movement and level of lighting could be considered a form of expression, the meaning of which can only be supplied by the audience. In 1953 he formed the Merce Cunningham Dance Company and since then has created more than 150 works under that title, many of which have been performed by ballet and modern performance companies.

The Choreographer

The choices of routines, music, sounds and even dress are all subject to artistic evaluation. It is the role of the choreographer to select and construct routines and styles that best demonstrate the talent and skill on display as well as promoting the key idea or concept portrayed by the performance as a whole. In contemporary styles, it is the choreography that most sets it apart from more common forms of classical and modern performances. It is the choreographer that can decide to include the eastern sitar in a ballet performance creating an experience never seen by the world before and this is the basis of contemporary dance.

All in all, contemporary dance has contributed much to the world of performing arts and its acceptance into the world of theater has opened the door for many styles and artists who never had an avenue for expressing their talents. We live in an ever changing world and while it is important to pay respects to the classics, we must be careful not to deny ourselves of the new experiences that could exist in the world.

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