University Education Should Be Free For Everyone Essay Topics

Nowadays, tertiary education is of paramount importance to all levels of society. Although some advocate free tuition to enter university, I have some reservations on it.

Those who favour free university education cite several reasons for it. First and foremost, everyone who graduated from high school should be given equal opportunity to pursue their studies in such institution. For some, the desire to acquire further paper qualifications is subdued by financial constraint. Thus, they would have to settle with low-paid part-time job and earning money to pay tuition fees while attending lectures, which would incur unnecessary stress on their pursuit for academic excellence. In addition, attaining university qualification would ensure better career prospect for those from lower social status.

However, they are those who may abuse the free education system. Priority is not to study but to mingle with other students for their personal gain. A male student for example, may want to know a female student and the only way to do that will be to enrol for the same course as hers. Furthermore, as the tuition fees are not needed, obligation to pass the course in due time will be lower. These students will take their time to sit for the exams or perhaps re-sit the paper couple of times as they would not have to pay more to extend their course each time they fail.

To conclude, while there are benefits, I agree there are drawbacks as well on free university education. The university council will have to set the criteria for eligibility of potential students to enrol into their programmes.

Why Higher Education Should Be Free

The average college graduate comes out of college with at least $60,000 in debt and if they went to an Ivy League should that shots up to up ward of $100,000 all this debt before they even get their first real job. This is the burden that students have to worry about and then they only have six months to find a job that can cover they loan payments, which can be as much as a couple thousand dollars a month. Most working people can’t afford that and have their own place, bills, and children. That is why college students end up moving back home after graduation.

We are given the right to an education when we are younger, we go to pubic school and learn basic stuff but if we want to get ahead in the job market we have to get a degree but most people can’t afford it and ones that do have one can’t find a job. It a Catch 22 in world but what if high school graduates had access to free higher education, would this improve the job market and the skills that people can possess. It’s not that all schools should be free but community colleges and maybe even state colleges should be free for students of that state. This way they can still get money from out of state students to help offset the cost.

There are many places around the world that give students access to a free college education like Finland, Austria, Norway, Germany, and Sweden but there are some ways that you can go to free at some places in the United States. This is usually if the student gets a scholarship but there are free ones. College of the Ozarks relies on donations to let their 1400 students attend for free. There are also others but they are really small schools and it is nearly impossible to get in because of the size.

Higher education does need some reform that has to be a way that we can educate all students from every aspect of life. We deserve to learn life skills in college for free since we don’t learn it in high school. Free college education will ensure that everyone gets to get an education and it will help the entire world in the long run because then we would have smarter people to run things.

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