Secret Life Of Bees Essay On Lilys Mom

Love from Mother Figures in The "Secret Life of Bees" by Sue Monk Kidd and Romeo and Juliet

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In literature, young characters need mother figures to rely on to achieve their love needs. If they were ever separated from their mothers, characters would need to search for love somewhere else. In the novel, The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, Lily loses her mother at a young age, and as a result, she looks to the Boatwright sisters for love and support. Similarly, in William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, Lady Capulet is not close to her daughter. Rather than helping Juliet and caring for her, Lady Capulet pushes Juliet toward the Nurse unintentionally. This behavior causes Juliet to seek out the Nurse instead of her mother to help with her troubles regarding Romeo.
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This is not a good sign for Lily because she does not have love, respect, or acceptance from anyone.
Luckily for Lily, she comes upon the Boatwright sisters once she reaches Tiburon. Because of the fact Lily does not have anyone to share her love with, she is compelled to stay and live with the Boatwrights. At one point in the novel, Lily and August are having a conversation when August asks Lily “What else do you love Lily?”(Kidd 39). Lily then thinks to herself, “No one had ever asked me that before. What did I love? Right off the bat I wanted to say that I loved the picture of my mother…but I had to swallow that back”(39). Lily does not feel comfortable enough yet that she says, “ I love writing poems, just give me something to write, and I’ll love it” despite the fact that Lily really loves August (39). She loves August so much that she would rather stay in Tiburon with the Boatwrights than be with her own father T. Ray. The loss of Deborah results in Lily going to obtain love somewhere other than her own home. This is also why Lily takes Rosaleen with her. Rosaleen is a black nanny who used to work on T. Ray’s farm. She has been there for Lily in the past but she cannot always be there one hundred percent because of her race. Due to Deborah’s death, Lily does not have a mother figure, however, he journey to Tiburon with Rosaleen proves to be a success as she finds the Boatwrights and strengthens her relationship with her nanny, Rosaleen. The same

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The Spiritual Growth of Lily Owens in The Secret Life of Bees

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The Secret Life of Bees delineates an inspirational story in which the community, friendship and faith guide the human spirit to overcome anything. The story follows Lily Owens, a 14 year old girl who desperately wants to discover the cause of her mothers death. Her father T. Ray gives her no answers, which leads their maid, Rosaleen, to act as her guardian. Together, Lily and Rosaleen run away to Tiburon, South Carolina and find a welcoming community. It is in Tiburon that Lily learns many life lessons, including many about herself. In her novel The Secret Life of Bees, Sue Monk Kidd explores a theme of spiritual growth through Lily's search for home as well as a maternal figure.
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This concept leads Lily to believe that the Virgin Mary is in many ways her mother, even though she is a mother to thousands of other people as well (Emanuel 41). Lily receives support and love from August and the community like the bees, though it is a secret to the rest of the world. The bees act as pathfinders for Lily as she learns more about herself, along with Zach
Sue Monk Kidd utilizes the character Zach to assist Lily in understanding the power of her choices. Zach reveals the power of choices that each individual can make. Before coming to Tiburon, Lily assumed that all African-Americans worked as housekeepers and she had certainly never heard of a black lawyer. She then meets Zach who wants to pursue a career as a lawyer and August who chooses to work as a beekeeper. Zach wants to break free of social mores and become an attorney (Harken 57). Zach’s imagination as he works toward achieving his dreams inspires Lily to think in a way that she has never thought of before. In Lily’s story she depicts Zach as the lawyer that he has always dreamed of being. He teaches her that stereotypes do not have to be true as he works to do something that not many other African Americans had fulfilled before. Lily remembers, “You gotta imagine what’s never been, Zach had said” (Kidd 126). Similarly, Zach helps Lily recognize that she can be in more than one community. When his friend throws a bottle at a Caucasian man,

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